There are places in life that seep into your soul, becoming forever a part of it. You need encounter such places only once for your life to be unsuspectingly, and perhaps subtly, altered. Profound conversations and transcendental decisions are found in such places, moments forever inhabiting the deepest corners of memory: a bench in a remote park, a dark street corner, a small plaza, a doorstep. They are there, these places, in the soul, to be called up when one’s ability to carry on, to persevere, is tested.
Jaume Sanllorente (via emotional-algebra)
i have been silently begging god for the past week to give me the
right words to make you care enough about me to change your mind but I don’t think he cares either and i have been biting my tongue just to feel it bleed because it’s warm and wet and it tastes like
kissing you and i’ve started calling people in the middle of the night but i don’t know why nobody is answering my calls because i have so much to say and nobody to listen so it’s all just burning up
inside of me and…oh my god i think my veins are on fire

a few bad habits i’ve developed (via anxieusly)
Then love knew it was called love.
And when I lifted my eyes to your name,
suddenly your heart showed me my way.

Pablo Neruda (via emotional-algebra)

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